The paranormal web cams and sites listed here are independently owned and operated by their respective parties. They may be down from time to time for servicing or maintenance. If you know of a paranormal webcam link that is not listed here or want to report a broken link please Contact Us!

Catacombs of Paris - Webcam / Ghostcam

The Catacombs of Paris are an underground ossuary in Paris , France . Located south of the former city gate ( at today's Place Denfert-Rochereau ), the ossuary holds the remains of about 6 million people and fills a renovated section of caverns and tunnels that are the remains of Paris' stone mines. Opened in the late 18th century, the underground cemetery became a tourist attraction on a small scale from the early 19th century, and has been open to the public on a regular basis from 1874.



Ordsall Hall GhostCam

Ordsall Hall is famous for its resident spirits, most often spotted in the Great Hall, including the mysterious White Lady seen near the portrait and the figure of a young girl often seen on the stairs...



The Battle Cam of Gettysburg

The "BattleCam" is now located on Seminary Ridge overlooking McPherson's woods where the first days battle began. For more Battlefield photos and panoramic views please view our Virtual Tour on our Home page.



Willard Library GhostCams

One day, we may find out who is haunting the Willard Library. Until then, watch quietly. Perhaps you'll see our Lady in Grey as she passes in front of our cameras. Keep an eye on the GhostCams during the day as well as at night. You never know what, or who, you might see.

The Graceland Mansion

Live cams of the famous Graceland Mansion. Does Elvis still frequent his old home?

The Dollhouse Cam

Set in a farmhouse in rural Pennsylvania amongst the mountains and streams is a little known secret. Four dolls that once were loved by little girls now adorn the home of a family of five. But Monika, Chrystal, True and Sharla don't just sit on a shelf looking pretty. These four porcelain beauties, for lack of a better description, have taken on a life of their own. They are reaching out to us to share their stories.



Leprechaun & Fairie Watch - Ireland

The leprechaun fairy watch webcam is in a hidden location in the field in Tipperary, Ireland. This is an enchanted area, well known for magical associations. There is fairy ring close-by and you may see leprechauns and other Irish fairies such as pookas, banshees and merrows.



Wales North East UFO Cam

This is the webcam covering the A55 highway at the Dobshill Interchange on the Chester-Flintshire border - but it's also at the scene where, in the sky above, there have been several sightings of UFOs as well as reports of other paranormal activity nearby.



Leading Loch Ness Monster researcher, Mikko Takala, presents his ultimate award winning Loch Ness livecams with many more innovations coming soon. Here you can watch for Nessie, the famous monster in Scotland's beautiful loch. In the site you'll find facts, figures and fun about the loch.



The Knickerbocker Hotel

The Knickerbocker in Linesville, PA, formerly The Arlington and before that The Arnold House, has a long history of paranormal activity .

Peg and Myrle Knickerbocker were aware of the stories when they took full possession of the building in 2005. Peg is sensitive to "higher vibrations", just having her present seems to stimulate activity. I suspect it is because open minded people pick up on Pegs vibration, and that raises their own.



The Lincolnshire Cam

We've set up a state of the art image intensifying camera in the roof of the old Radion Buildings - you can just see the old pillar markings from when the building was used as a cinema - in fact one of the ghost rumours is of an Ice-cream Lady.



The Furman Theater

Given the multi-use nature of this space - you might well see classes, rehearsals, scenic construction or performances and who knows what else may appear in the night.. Check by often to see what may be going on.




Bermuda Weather Cam

Yep, its a weather cam, looking out toward the Bermuda Triangle! Look for unusual weather patterns, ghost ships, or just a lot of water. Still it's pretty interesting...



Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope

Explore the cosmos through the eyes of the Canada-France-Hawaii telescope. View live cam footage, images video and more!



Pyramid Cam Live

Have a look at some of our most spectacular Pyramids images captured by PyramidCam Live over the past 4 years.



DDDavids Ghost Cams

These are 7 Live webcams (Ghost Cams)
set up in a 100+ year old Victorian house for the purpose of
capturing evidence of a haunting. The public is encouraged

to view, and post captures of events in the Yahoo Group.
They run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



/The Oklahoma City Paranormal Research Group - HOSPITAL CAMS

These Webcams are unlike any other as they are located on an active long term research site. Viewers may watch (and listen) as Research Team Members conduct sessions just as they have for 10 years!




Asylums Gate Cams

Ghost cam site. Honestly I dont know the story behind these cams and there isnt a lot of available information relating to the site. There is a membership proccess to undergo before having access to see the cams so If you have a little time it may be worth your time to check these out.