‘Angel’ Priest prays with crash victim then disappears!

Posted 10 Aug 2013 in Miracles

Katie Lentz, 19, was trapped in her mangled car for nearly an hour and asked the emergency workers to pray aloud with her, just then a priest suddenly approached her, anointed her and her rescuers in oil and holy water. Once emergency workers pulled the teen to safety the holy man had vanished without a trace .  Every one saw him, heard him speak and watched as he blessed the victim and the rescue efforts but after searching through over 80 images that were taken that day, the mysterious priest was not in a single photo.   The question remains, was this an earthly priest who happened upon a terrible car accident or is he an angel sent to protect Katie...

I Saw Two Angels

Posted 24 Aug 2011 in Miracles

I had just given birth to my first child and was only twenty years old. (Her father had left us when I was four months pregnant). I had fallen into a deep depression. One night, after I had put my daughter to sleep, I laid in my own bed in the dark, talking with God. My desperation was so deep, that I begged him for a sign that things would be alright. I had fallen asleep, and was dreaming (or so I thought) when the air in the room turned quite warm. I saw two angels before me. They seemed to be female and only one would communicate with me. They spoke though their lips did not move. They...