A Haunting in Texas

Posted 20 Mar 2011 in Ghosts & Hauntings


Many years ago when I was a child of maybe ten or eleven my parents and I moved into a house in Haltom City Texas (a suburb of Fort Worth).  I don't know if it was just the fear of change or if children really are more attuned to such things, but I instantly felt uncomfortable and fearful of this house.

Our Neighbors

It all started when I met our neighbors children who were roughly the same age as I.  They would tell me stories of their house.  One of their stories was that they had an aunt who had polio who came to visit them.  She used the crutches with the loops for her arms to go through as was normal for someone with her condition.  Needless to say it was difficult for her to get around.  One night she was sleeping on the couch and something frightened her so badly she stood up and ran to the back bedroom where her sister slept before collapsing on the floor.  She later told her family that she saw a glowing woman in a nightgown standing by the foot of the couch staring at her with a rather angry look on her face, then turning into a ball of "fire" and flying through a wall.

Another incident in this house involved a family friend and her young son who came by to visit.  They had all been visiting for while without any problems and were getting ready to leave.  While standing in the kitchen the friend tried to place her hand on her sons shoulder to tell him they are leaving and her hand passed right through the boy. That same moment, the real boy obviously scared by something  came running down the hall screaming from somewhere in the back of the house that he had wandered off to.   Quite frightened they all made a hasty retreat.

Perhaps the most frightening story from this house involved the 18 year old daughter who awoke in the middle of the night with an unknown entity slamming her against the window, trying to throw her out of the house.  She stated later that she could not see anyone but could feel large hands squeezing around both her arms (and had the bruises to prove it).   She said she screamed hysterically for help but no one heard her for what seemed like a long time.  When both her parents finally came crashing into the room, they both witnessed her "free floating" in the air above her bed then suddenly dropping onto the bed.


After hearing the neighbors stories I was unsettled to say the least, especially being a child who was already scared of what may be lurking in the dark.   The house that my parents and I lived in had it's own series of events.  The medicine cabinet in our front bathroom would frequently open and slam repeatedly during the night (and would be standing open the next morning).   I would also frequently hear the sound of babies crying outside my window at night.  I've been told it could have been cats outside, but I have no idea.   I had a small poodle who would sleep in the bed with me at night and there were several occasions where she would stand up as if she had heard a noise, then suddenly jump off the bed and charge down the hall as if she was chasing something.  My father on at least one occasion ran into the living room gun loaded, turned on the lights to find our dog growling and pacing back and fourth in front on an empty corner as if she had something trapped.

There where times when I would be at school and my mother would be at home and hear my voice from my bedroom calling her "Mooooooom",  she would start to walk that way and freeze in her tracks when she realized I wasn't even home.    The phone would ring from time to time with no one on the other end, except once there was a scary sounding foreign voice talking very fast (like the micro-machines guy on that commercial).  That could have been explainable but still scared the bejeezus out of me.

Through it all, none of us were ever harmed and I have no memory of ever actually seeing a ghost or entity of any kind,  but it definately instilled in me a strong curiosity in the paranormal.


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  1. CarlMcT
    25 July 11, 11:47am

    The part of your voice calling out to your mom gave me the chill bumps!

  2. KitKat82
    02 June 12, 11:29am

    I’ve always had an intrest in the paranormal.
    I like the stories. :)

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